Our Next Lecture 

which was due to be held on

16th April 2020 has been cancelled

I'm sure that it come as no surprise for members to hear that we will not be able to hold our monthly meetings during April, May and possibly June 2020.  We will keep you posted but please call us on 020 8731 9208 if you have a query or would just like a chat!

Keep safe and well and eat your greens!


Welcome to The Arts Society Hampstead Heath

We are a group of people who have an interest in and enjoy the arts in general. Our Society is affiliated to The Arts Society (TAS). Our objective, through lectures and visits, is to broaden our knowledge and enjoyment of the decorative and visual arts.

At illustrated lectures we hear experts, chosen for their knowledge, presentational skills and entertainment value, speak on a huge variety of topics: architecture, artists and designers, china, glass, painting, music, furniture, sculpture, jewellery …. and much more, covering prehistory to modern times. The visits may include country houses, exhibitions, gardens and places of interest. For those who enjoy hearing about a subject in greater depth, we have Special Interest Days which allow the speaker more time on his subject.

This website shows the full extent of our activities so, why not take the time to have a tour and perhaps we’ll see you at one of our meetings?

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