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19 April 2018AGM followed by The Spirit of the Industrial Revolution, Joseph Wright of Derby
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17 October 2019Modern Architecture: 120 Years of Tradition and Innovation
21 November 2019Dazzle: disguise and Disruption in War and Art
19 December 2019Dazzling Duffy: Invitation to a Luminous Feast
16 January 2020The Sublime in the Everyday: Vermeer and the Delft School

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AGM followed by The Spirit of the Industrial Revolution, Joseph Wright of Derby Valerie Woodgate Thursday 19 April 2018

Joseph Wright of Derby was an English landscape and portrait painter. He has been acclaimed as the first professional painter to express the spirit of the Industrial Revolution. He is notable for his use of chiaroscuro effect, which emphasises the contrast of light and dark, and for his paintings of candle-lit subjects. His paintings of the birth of science out of alchemy, often based on the meetings of the Lunar Society, a group of scientists and industrialists living in the English Midlands, are a significant record of the struggle of science against religious values in the period known as the Age of enlightenment.

Many of Wright's paintings and drawings are owned by Derby city Council, and are on display at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Our lecturer, Valerie Woodgate, is a lecturer and guide at Tate Britain and Tate Modern and also at many other London galleries, for the National Trust, for Tate on P&O cruises and for the Arts Society throughout Britain. She is a former member of the teaching team at the Dulwich picture Gallery. She has lectured to our society on many occasions. 


(Image: Vesuvius in Eruption 1776)