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20 December 2018Dale Chihuly and the American Glass Movement
17 January 2019Counter Memorials: Germany's Post WWll Culture of Apology and Atonement
21 February 2019Edward Burne-Jones: Painting Angels
14 March 2019From Egg to Bacon: English Painting 1850 to 1950
18 April 2019AGM followed by Joshua Reynolds: The Creation of Celebrity
16 May 2019Edward Manet and Music
20 June 2019The Holland Park Circle
18 July 2019Dali and the Surrealists
15 August 2019THE PRESIDENT'S LECTURE: Victoria & Albert at Home: Celebrating their 200th Birthday
19 September 2019Turner and Constable: The Great British Paint-off
17 October 2019Modern Architecture: 120 Years of Tradition and Innovation
21 November 2019Dazzle: disguise and Disruption in War and Art
19 December 2019Dazzling Duffy: Invitation to a Luminous Feast
16 January 2020The Sublime in the Everyday: Vermeer and the Delft School
20 February 2020Artists and Espionage: the Lawn Road Flats NW3 - Modernist Living in mid-C20 London
19 March 2020Mad Men and the Artists - How the advertising industry has exploited fine art
16 April 2020Tapestry: The Ultimate Wall Covering
14 May 2020Gaudi
18 June 2020Midsummer Magic: Introduction to Nordic Impressionists and Realists of the late C19
16 July 2020Ladies of the Night: Art History's most scandalous muses
20 August 2020The Presidential Lecture
17 September 2020Raphael
15 October 2020East Meets West: How japanism revolutionised western art
19 November 2020Australian Impressionism
17 December 2020Royal Jewels and the American Heiress
21 January 2021The genius of Antonio Stradivari

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Dale Chihuly and the American Glass Movement Scott Anderson Thursday 20 December 2018

Drinks and nibbles witll follow this Lecture