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08 March 2018Wonders of the Roman Empire
22 November 2018The Emperor Qianlong (1735 - 1796)
04 April 2019The Gilded Stage: A Social and Cultural History of Opera

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Wonders of the Roman Empire Sam Moorhead Thursday 08 March 2018

This Special Interest Day will look at the Roman Near East from the arrival of Pompey the Great in 64BC to the advent of Islam in the 7th century AD. One lecture will cover the establishment of Rome in the region in the 1st century BC down to the Jewish Revolts of AD 66-73 and AD 132-5. The next lecture will consider Rome's trade with the East. The last lecture will look at the rise of Christianity from the reign of Constantine into the subsequent late Roman and Byzantine periods. It will end with the Islamic conquests and the effects on classical civilisation of the Great Earthquake in the  late AD.

Dr Sam Moorhead is National Fund Adviser for Iron Age and Roman coins at the British Museum. His fee for the day will go to the British Museum to assist with its work in recording objects for the Portable Antiquities Scheme.


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